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October 2011

As you know Pulaski Lodge sold our building and we hold our meetings at Polish Union hall on Henry St.  Recently a new group has leased our old building from the new owners and they are creating a Moose Lodge.  We wish them success in their endeavor and it sure will be nice to see the building put to good use again !!

--------------------------------------------  October 2009 ------------------------------------------

We are very thankful to have served our members and this community since February 1935.   Unfortunately, there appears to be no individuals left that are willing to serve our lodge in the necessary offices, such as Lodge President, Financial Secretary and Facility Manager.  This is the sole reason for our current situation and it is not financially related, as rumors would have it.  I am certainly deeply saddened by this turn of events and sincerely wish I could remain an active Lodge President and keep our business interests going, but for many reasons, that is not to be.  So it is with the deepest sadness that I must formally announce that Pulaski Lodge will cease business operations Sunday October 18th. 2009 at last call.  Pulaski Lodge PNA Group 2809 will continue to exist and use the building for lodge meetings, lodge functions and our office will remain at the lodge building.

I am very thankful to have met so many wonderful people in my 37 years as a member and an officer. While I would love to thank you all individually, even the World Wide Web would not be big enough for that.  I also know that there are many other wonderful organizations in Muskegon, but in my mind, none will equal the sincere, hard working, honest and thoughtful people I have met at Pulaski Lodge. 

I would be remiss if I did not thank our friends in the other clubs, both those clubs that are now closed and those still operating.  Particularly, I would like to thank the Polish Union hall and its current President, Mr. Frank Swiatek, for all the support we have offered & shared with each other over the years, in good times and bad. Additionally, the Lithuanian Club and our lodge have been  so close to each other that we are almost a sister lodge, we have long shared a common membership and supported each other whenever possible. To those remaining clubs I must say, invest in your youth and keep your memberships young, for they are your future. 

We also owe a debt of gratitude to many area business owners for their support  and great service over the years, with some of these relationships going back over 50 years.  I certainly can't remember them all, especially since some have already closed, but  the first ones to come to mind are the Doo Drop Inn (Carl Denzlow and Family),  Coin Machine Services (the Geerling family)  The  employees and owners of the former Niff Beverage, Warmington Beverage,  Smitty's Beverage, Grabow Distributing and Lack's beverages and many others all supported us in the good ole' days.    We would also like to thank all of our current suppliers, without you we would not have survived.  But most of all, I would like to thank all the current and former lodge officers and their spouses, for the terrific support they have offered all these years. Unbelievable things were accomplished and many lives were forever changed with your help!

Once again, Thank you very much to all that supported us all these years and may God Bless you all!

Mike Cameron

Lodge President



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