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N8UKF Repeater Group Muskegon, Michigan
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Ham Radio has been in existence for a hundred years now and has taken on many forms. While it started out being used mainly by hobbyists, it was not long before the ranks were expanded to interested folks of all ages. The local ham radio clubs all over the United States provide educational training, mentoring and eventually testing so anyone can enjoy the Ham Radio experience. Unlike driving or other licenses a person may pursue, ham radio has no age limits, you must demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge to become licensed, but after that you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts young and old.


In the Muskegon area local ham radio operators provide communications for various community events such as the Crop Walk, various runs and many other events in our area. These communications are essential to the proper operation of these events and the safety of the participants and spectators. In addition to special events, local hams assist and support public agencies via the American Red Cross, Skywarn weather spotting, search & rescue operations and communication support to the local Homeland Security departments Emergency Services division of the sheriff department. It would surprise many folks to know just how active local hams are in the emergency plans for our community and how often they are asked to assist..


Some of examples of local emergencies that have required ham radio assistance would be Snow Emergencies, large responses by public safety during storm conditions, especially where communications have been impacted. Severe watches or warnings where ham operators that have been trained weather spotters, will go to pre-determined locations watching for tornadoes or flooding conditions for example. There is a separate pool of trained ham operators that serve the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) organization. This group of dedicated hams will support emergency services groups through out the nation as the need arises, or right here at home if need be.