West Michigan System Fusion
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19 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
The West Michigan System Fusion (WMSF) website is here to provide some information on our linked repeater system currently operating throughout Western Michigan. The WMSF system started with the three Muskegon Repeaters owned by N8UKF and all linked into one Wires- X room named the KE8LZ-RPT in 2014. Later a bridge was added to allow input from various hotspots such as the Shark Openspot, DV4MINI’s and others that were using the FCS reflector system. In 2016 Al, KV8X invited some of his buddies from his morning HF net to tune their hotspots and Wires-X nodes to our Wires-x room so we could all chat during the course of the day. This led to Al KV8X, Vinny KG8WF, Jay WB8SQJ and Mike WA8EBM all hanging out in the room as time allowed. Thanks to this group, word seemed to spread and before long Ron AB8DT joined us with the Cedar Springs repeater and Mike N8XPQ from Holland linked his repeater in with us also. Soon Jay placed a repeater on the air in Dorr Michigan. We carried on for awhile with other repeaters joining us from time to time in our room. As time went by the expanded group had contact with more repeater owners in the Grand Rapids area and Sam K8SN joined our system with a wide coverage repeater located in Moline Michigan. Again, thanks to the collaborative effort of all the repeater owners the group has continued to add repeaters to our room and today it is not unusual to see 18 or 19 repeaters and nodes logged in all day. We have been joined recently by W8DC Repeater In Grand Rapids, W8USA Repeater in Sparta, W8LRC Repeater in Lowell, W8TCM Repeater in Traverse City, K8KZO Repeater Kalamazoo and the W8TVM Repeater in Hart, MI and the AC8U repeater in Lake county (Baldwin). Currently we have been in the top 7 on the active room list in the USA, but we are always listed in the top 10 USA Wires-X rooms on the active room list. We owe our success to all the repeater owners that have been willing to link in and try this out and also for their help with the technical expertise needed to keep it all going!
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
Digital Net Every Tuesday @ 7:00 P.M. Hosted by North Ottawa Amateur Radio Club
Email Adminstrator @ ADMIN
Thanks to Pete, K8WQK - Dave, N8JNA and Bill W8FFG for putting A fusion Repeater on the air in Mancelona MI on 147.380 Repeater is in AMS Mode