West Michigan System Fusion
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25 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
The goals for our system are simple, provide a Wires-X room for West Michigan repeater trustees to park their repeaters and stimulate digital Fusion activity on their systems, without losing local control of their repeater. The beauty of the Wires-X design is that a local repeater can come and go from our central room as may be needed, either by the trustee or any of their Wires-X users on the local system, without any impact upon the rest of the repeaters in the WM-Connect room. So local nets and special events are not impacted. In fact our system can provide you a Wires-X room to use just for your local special event that can be advertised on Facebook and other media outlets. This would be a big help for many special events by smaller repeater groups. Regarding our coverage area, some of us in the central West Michigan area have summer spots in the northern areas and we are actively expanding our system footprint to the north. Ultimately a system going as far South as Michigan City / South Haven would be ideal for our uses. We already have a few Traverse City system users now, and two repeaters in that area. With Lowell and Saranac club joining us our coverage goes east of Grand Rapids which seems to fit our needs. Thanks to our current list of repeaters we have very good coverage in the central to southern West Michigan area. Please consider joining our linked system, or inviting us to present to your organization.
Repeater trustees are encouraged to contact us for details of our system, or we would be happy to come to your club meeting and give a short presentation. We are looking for coverage in the Manistee area to fill in between our Lake county and Traverse city repeaters and we need coverage in the Southwest corner of Lower Michigan. Berrien Springs, Bridgman area, etc. Click here to e-mail us
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
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