West Michigan System Fusion
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21 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
Western Michigan System Fusion Alternate Access points
FCS Reflector 004-034 N8UKF Repeater Group YSF Reflector Address and Details Click Here YCS Reflector: YCS310 Room 35 (Not In Service) Zello Cell Phone App. Channel 147.380 Muskegon This will require multiple authentication steps. If interested please contact the Admin at this e-mail link: Click Here
Links page has FCS and YSF reflector directories
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
Email Adminstrator @ ADMIN
Note: On most hotspot directories, this YCS room will show up under the FCS servers list, typically the FCS 310 servers require a DG-ID to access the different rooms. Ours is DGID 35, but our bridge is providing the DGID number so that you do not have to change your equipment to use the system.