West Michigan System Fusion
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21 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
The repeaters listed below participate in the West Michigan System Fusion (WMSF) group and are normally linked into our WM-Connect Wires-X room (21335) on a daily basis. Click on the repeater frequency or call sign for more information on their individual system.
147.100 W8QPO Repeater - Sherman, Michigan - AMS Mode 114.8 PL DG-ID TX-00 RX-00 *
146.880 NW8J ( AB8DT) Repeater - Cedar Springs, Michigan - AMS Mode DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
444.800 N8XPQ Repeater - Holland, Mi - AMS Mode DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
444.975 KB8IFE Repeater - White Cloud, MIchigan - AMS Mode DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
442.250 K8TB Repeater - Hudsonville, MIchigan - AMS Mode DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
443.675 W8VTM Hart Repeater - Hart, Michigan - Digital Mode DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
146.900 AF8U Baldwin Repeater - Baldwin, Michigan - PLEASE USE AMS Mode FM & Digital
Email Adminstrator @ ADMIN
443.475 AB8DT Repeater - Cedar Springs, Michigan - AMS Mode - Digital Mode DG-ID TX-35 **
** Please see the down loadable repeater list for more DG-ID’s available for this Repeater
442.800 K8WQK Repeater -Mancelona - AMS Mode 110.9 PL DG-ID TX-00 RX-00
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* This Repeater has scheduled times of Analog only operation. Saturdays for a net from 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. Wires-x will be off during these times.