West Michigan System Fusion
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25 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
Fusion User Tips 1. DMR Users coming in to the Fusion environment via a hotspot, your audio will be HOT, sometimes to the point of distortion. If possible, turn down your radio’s TX audio or hold your microphone away from your mouth and talk softly. Please ! Some have had their microphone 12” from their face to get tolerable audio. 2. When talking on our Wires-X Fusion System you should still ID per FCC rules. While your radio is identifying you in most cases, it is not always id’ing you every place you may be heard. This is because of all the different links such as Zello, FCS or YSF and the different modes of use and different radios such as DMR. 3. When talking to a fellow ham leave space between your transmissions, especially if you are both on the same local repeater! Wires-X nodes have a 3-4 second delay and some of the other access methods may have up to a 6 second delay to be heard. If you are quick keying they will never be able to get into the system, either for a break or an emergency. 4. Having a nice roundtable QSO, try to remember to turn it over to the next ham in line to talk. With digital there is NO mixing of signals. The first person to talk will win, on each repeater! So in theory you could have a lot of conversations going on at the same time, with only one of them going out Wires-x, but yet two or three people on the same repeater may well hear a totally different conversation. Doubling on Digital is NO fun! 5. At the end of your transmission, count to 1 second before releasing your Microphone key. If you don’t do this, the last of your transmission will be chopped off. For instance, instead of hearing N8UKF we may only hear N8U if we are hearing you via Wires-X 6. If using our Zello cell phone interface please be sure the Zello app is off of your phone screen before putting your phone in your pocket. Otherwise we will hear you very well when it gets accidental activated! Also be sure to uninstall the Zello App from your phone when taking it out of service. We don’t need non-hams using your Call sign!
The tips below have come about during talks at various club meetings and first hand conversations. We are sharing these for you to help you enjoy our system !
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