West Michigan System Fusion
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25 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
Email Adminstrator @ ADMIN
Hamshack Hotline Voip Access
Our System has an RF-Link to the VOIP phone system Hamshack Hotline and for use on your cell phone. More information on that system is located here . This means of access is almost delay free! Very minimal latency so it is easy to be involved in a QSO as opposed to Zello which had up to a 6 second delay. When system is transmitting the call sign, N8UKF-HH will be sent, so be sure to identify as needed. Hamshack Hotline is a very fun and free phone system maintained by hams for hams. The Cisco SPA-525G phones are easy to setup and use if you don’t have one already. Many EOC’s have them as well. To access our RF Link you will need a VOIP phone on their system, or a mobile app on your cell phone. Androids can use the free app DV Switch and Iphones can use Repeaterphone, which is $7.99 and well worth it. You may also need to have an AllStarLink account for all functions. Click Here for more info. Mobile software settings and credentials are available from our Admin at the email link below. On the Hamshack Hotline network you need only dial extension 94096. You will then be monitoring our system radio traffic. Once again, for mobile App Access will need to contact the ADMIN at the link below. If you have AllStarLink PBX abilities you can probably access our RF link by dialing our AllStar Link node number, 54576. Caution !! To transmit on a VOIP phone you need to push *99, this will enable the transmitters and it will stay enabled until you push the # key. BE SURE TO PUSH THE # KEY WHEN YOU FINISH TALKING, OR THE WHOLE SYSTEM WILL BE LOCKED IN TRANSMIT !! ALL 25+ REPEATERS !!