West Michigan System Fusion
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25 Linked Repeaters Serving Western Michigan
Western Michigan System Fusion YSF Reflector Information
When using our YSF Reflector on units with PI-Star software, PLEASE do not have your radio in Wires-X mode and search for rooms, or push * to disconnect! This causes our Wires-X Hub Node to crash. You can use your radio via your Hotspot in Wires-X mode to move your hotspot to our reflector, but then immediately exit Wires-X mode on your radio. You should use your Dashboard to make your Hotspot leave our reflector for another one and not your radio. Openspots are safe to use and you can change reflectors using your radio in Wires-X mode!
On WM-Connect Wires-X room 21335
Email Adminstrator @ ADMIN
YSF Reflector 21335 - US WM Connect Sometimes there will be a dash after US and sometimes not. Each hotspot company filters the list a little different. It may take a few days for us to show up on your hotspot list. If you can manually enter an address, try: bakysf.hamfusion.com